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This photo is something I can see bringing tears of joy to my eyes when I’m old and grey.

This is our son, Myles. He is one year old. This is the place where we lived when he was born. This is where he and I go for long walks, day or night, when he’s uncomfortable or having trouble sleeping. This is where he learned to walk, and is now learning to run. This is where he met his first dog, and learned the sound it makes. He and I have spent many hours on this jetty, his head resting on my chest as he sleeps, or watching the sun rise over the water as his Mum has a well-earned rest in bed.

Right now, with our new family growing out of our tiny home, we’re building a bigger house, not too far from this spot, so that we’ll all have a little more room to move and grow and learn and play. I know we’ll have new places where we build new memories, but I also know we’ll never forget the time we’ve had here.


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